Stainless Steel & Wire - System 2

The original vertical wire system.  Posts and rails are 50mm round stainless steel, with a patented tensioning system concealed in the bottom rail and covered by a 75mm x 50mm rectangular stainless steel cover plate.

Stainless Steel and Wire through Decking - System 7

Same concept as System 2, but with bottom rail concealed beneath timber decking.  Can be used with 50mm round stainless steel top rail or timber.  Very clean lines at deck level.

Stainless Steel and Wire with Timber Top Rail - System 7A

Same as System 7, but with stainless steel bottom rail installed between posts above the decking.  Handrail constructed from timber cover and 25mm square stainless steel concealing the wire fixing system.  Can also be fitted with 50mm round stainless steel handrail.