About Us

About Us

Black Rock Balustrades only sell and install high quality products that are visually appealing and safer for children.
All installations and designs are completed to meet the requirements of Australian Safety Standards, AS1926 (Swimming Pool Fences), AS1288 (Glass in Buildings), Building Code of Australia (BCA) and other standards and regulations, as applicable.

Personalised Service

We are a small business and offer a high level of personalised service.  We understand the expectations of home owners who take pride in their investment, and will deliver services in a timely manner and to a high level of quality.  You will deal with the owners of the business, from start to finish.

Competitive Quotes

Low overheads = lower total project cost.
The costs of material and time to install is less than competitors. This is a direct result of the Balustrades International patented systems, used by Black Rock Balustrades.   Add this to the low costs and overheads of a small business, and total cost of the installation is competitive.
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