Welcome to Black Rock Balustrades

Black Rock Balustrades specialises in the supply and installation of Vertical Wire and Glass Balustrades and Pool Fences.


System 2 Pool Fence
All balustrades and fences are made exclusively from Balustrades International components.
  • Patented design system
  • High quality components
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steels (316 grade)
  • Unique design options

No matter whether you live near the sea or inland, the quality materials will give you a lifetime of low maintenance and enjoyment.

Vertical Wire Balustrades

Only safe wire balustrade and fence design.
Vertical wire fences are the only safe wire barrier system that can be used around swimming pools. 
Vertical wire balustrades give you peace of mind with young children, as the vertical wires cannot be climbed like the horizontal wire systems in common use.
  • Pool fencing - 1200mm high
  • Balustrades - 1000mm high
  • Stairs - 865mm high
  • Unique wire tensioning system that does not loose tension
  • No unsightly tensioners and fittings
  • No sagging wires
  • Timber top rail option

Stainless Steel and Glass

Unique glass sizing system allows most installations to be completed with glass panels
out of stock.
Patented technology is cost effective, consisting of all smooth surfaces, with no visible bolts, screws or tensioners, safe and easy to maintain.
  • Pool fencing - 1200mm high
  • Balustrades - 1000mm high
  • No silicone or glazing channels required
  • Full height glass – Ideal as a wind barrier
  • Glass fixed at floor level and top rail, no clamps