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Stainless Steel and Vertical Wire Premium - System 9

Product Summary

New system using 50mm round Stainless Steel lower rail which is raised, leaving a 50mm gap to the floor or ground.  This system is especially good when the floor or deck is uneven.  This system is also easily fitted to stairs, where a bottom rail is required to fix the wire rope.
Premium vertical wire system.  It can be used for all balustrades, regards of ground or floor height below and does not suffer from loose wires over time or from children standing on the wires.  This modular system gives the benefits of sleek modern lines with concealed fittings.
This stainless steel and vertical wire system fully complies with strict building codes, and can be used on balconies where the floor height is above 4 metres (Horizontal wire systems cannot be used in these applications).
Pool Fencing can also be constructed with vertical wire system and meet the requirements of AS1926 (Swimming Pool Fencing regulations).
Can be installed as a complete free-standing system or fitted between existing posts and walls of any suitable materials. Wires are at 70mm spacing to ensure the maximum gap requirements of both balustrades and pool fencing is met.  Maximum post spacing of 1470mm centre to centre with vertical struts fitted at 490mm centres.
Applications suitable for domestic and commercial balconies, barriers and pool fences.

Key Features

  • Modular design system, allowing quick and easy installation.
  • Can be fitted to stairs with adjustable angle brackets.
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel.
  • Vertical barrier system stainless steel wires 70mm centres.
  • No visible tensioners, swages, turnbuckles, fixing, etc.
  • Maximum un-obscured view.
  • Competitively priced.
  • No ongoing tensioning of wires.


   Exposed Fittings
        Rail - Lower
316 600 Grit Stainless Steel, 50.8mm diameter with cut out for tensioner assembly.
        Tensioner Assembly
316 Stainless Steel housing
        Post Base Plate
316 600 Grit Stainless Steel, round base plate flange
        Lower Rail to Post Joiner
316 600 Grit Stainless Steel external joiner
   Exposed Fittings
316 600 Grit Stainless Steel, 50.8mm diameter
        Post to Handrail Joiner
316 600 Grit Stainless Steel flush joiner
   Exposed Fittings
316 Stainless Steel, 3.2mm diameter, 7 x 7 lay wire rope
        Plug - top wire
        Brace post and locators
316 Stainless Steel, 19mm diameter
   Exposed Fittings
        Hand Rail
316 600 Grit Stainless Steel, 50.8mm diameter with key holes for wire rope
        Flush Joiners
316 600 Grit Stainless Steel, 50.8mm diameter, 90, Tee, 90 Tee and 135 Tee

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