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Stainless Steel and Glass - System 1

Product Summary

Semi frameless glass system made from standard sized 8mm clear toughened safety glass panels and marine grade stainless steel. This modular system gives the benefits of sleek modern lines with concealed fittings.
This stainless steel and glass system fully complies with the new strict building codes which have recently been introduced, banning frameless glass systems over one metre from the ground.
For most balustrades the glass is ex stock. For Pool Fencing the glass will be made to order due to the requirements of AS1926 (Swimming Pool Fencing regulations) requiring unique glass sizing in most applications.
Can be installed as a complete free-standing system or fitted between existing posts and walls of any suitable materials. Ex stock balustrade glass can have a minimum span (between posts) of 550mm up to a maximum span of 1150mm for a single pane of glass.  All spans greater than this are then made up of multiple panes of glass.  There is no upper limit.  Typical span is 1200mm centre to centre.
Applications suitable for domestic and commercial balconies, barriers and pool fences.

Key Features

  • Modular design system, allowing quick and easy installation.
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel.
  • Toughened Glass to Australian Standards.
  • No visible bolts or screws.
  • No silicone or glazing channels required.
  • Strong continuous base plate.
  • An ultimate un-obscured view.
  • Very competitively priced.
  • Safer –Glass fixed at floor level and top rail, no clamps.
  • Steel and glass - easy to clean and maintain.
  • Full height glass – Ideal as a wind barrier.
  • Base plate can be mounted flush with tiles or raised to allow surface water dispersal.
  • Panels can be easily installed or replaced (if damaged) This (patent pending) idea saves on installation costs.


   Exposed Fittings
        Cover Plate - Post
445M2 Stainless Steel
        Cover Plate - Base Glass
445M2 Stainless Steel
   Non Exposed Fittings
        Post Base Plate
304 Stainless Steel 100 x 65 x 6mm
        Base Insert - Under Glass
        Screws - Base Plate to Floor
HDG (Hot Dip Galvanised)
   Exposed Fittings
316 600 Grit Stainless Steel, 50.8mm diameter
        Post to Handrail Joiner
316 600 Grit Stainless Steel external joiner
   Exposed Fittings
8mm Toughened Glass to Australian Standards
        Gasket - Glass to Top Rail and Base
Santoprene SP646
   Exposed Fittings
        Hand Rail
316 600 Grit Stainless Steel, 50.8mm diameter with single slot for glass
        Flush Joiners
316 600 Grit Stainless Steel, 50.8mm diameter, 90, Tee, 90 Tee and 135 Tee

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